Pitbull Skin Problems

What are the most common pitbull skin problems?

This is important to know because sooner or later most pitbulls will experience them wheater they are temporary or chronic.

When this happens owners get very confused as to the cause.

To simplify the diagnosis keep in mind that there usually are six essential categories of dog skin problems as follows:

1. Allergies, for exemple a réaction to a type of dog food, medications, flowers or flea and tick bites.

Another very common reason for allergies are the product you use for home cleaning. Many products can be toxic if ingested and agressive to the skin.

2. Environment: Again did you use a new type of detergent to clean the carpet or the kennel where your pitbull is staying? Try removing it and see what happens.

3. Infections, which could be bacterial, viral or fungal.

4. Neurogenic: this is when your Pitbull has some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder that triggers the compulsion to lick himself until there is an irritation on the skin. It´s kind of like when we as humans bite our nails all the time or try to fix our hair a thousand times every day.

5. Food: this is when some key ingredient is missing from your dog´s diet. You might even want to look at a natural diet or feeding some high quality dog food. 

6. Parasites such as fleas, ticks and mice which can produce a variety of skin problems.

As you can see the causes of american pitbull skin problems are different and sometimes hard to detect.

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