Pitbull T Shirts

The media does a great job of vilifying Pitbulls every chance they get. You can spread your own message about these wonderful dogs with Pitbulls shirt.

The shirts, which sport various messages, allow you to wear your pitty love proudly while also supporting the truth about these wonderful dogs.

People who have never been around Pitbulls only know what they read about them in the papers.

While studies show that many of the dogs named as Pitbulls in news stories about dog attacks were not really Pitbulls at all, the general public has no way of knowing this.

The problem is made worse by large retailers, such as PetSmart, that discriminate against the breed in one way or another.

While wearing a Pitbulls Shirt won’t change the prejudices faced by the breed, it can be a way to allow people to see positive messages about the dogs. Below are some samples of the sayings found on Pitbull T shirts.

Adore-a-Bull! Adopt a Rescued Pit Bull Today!

Human Buy Me….Humans Put Me on a Chain…Humans Make Me Fight….and I get the Bad Rap?

Don’t Bully the Breed

I Rescue Pit Bulls…Ask Me About It!

Who Needs a Therapist? I Have Pit Bull!


Blame the Deed Not the Breed

Love Has No Breed

Some of the sayings are funny, others are thought provoking, and all offer an opportunity to open a dialogue about Pitbulls with people who see the shirt.

Some, such as I Rescue Pit Bulls…Ask Me About It, come right out an invite a conversation. Some Pitbull rescue groups have even designed their own shirts with customized messages.

Unfortunately, it does not seem likely that the unfair portrayal of Pitbulls in the media is going to end anytime soon, but many don’t understand why spreading positive messages about Pitbulls is so important.

While the media shouldn’t be final word about what is true, they do have a lot of influence. By some estimate, about 75% of dogs in shelters are Pitbulls. Even more tragically, about 90% of Pitbulls in shelters will be put down.

When it comes to breed discrimination, it hasn’t always been Pitbulls on the chopping block. In the 1970’s it was Doberman Pinschers that got the bad rap. In the 1980’s the attention was turned to Rottweilers and now, Pit bulls. It is up to people who love and understand Pit bulls to do what they can to put positive messages out there.

No, a Pit bull T shirt isn’t going to single-handedly overcome the media messages, but if the shirt causes even one person to stop and think about Pitbulls in a different, more positive light than that alone could be considered a small victory.

Whether you want to wear a Pitbull T shirt to get a conversation going

or just to show your love for pitties, you can find a huge selection of the shirts at various online retailers. Wear the shirt to the pet supply store or anywhere else where you may be able to talk about the message. It could help to change a mind and, maybe, save a life.

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