Pitbull Weight Pulling, is it right for your pit?

Most pitbulls have an abundance of energy. Many would run and play all day long if circumstances allowed. For dog owners, this much energy is either a positive or a negative.

For runners and bikers, these active dogs can make great training partners.

Those with large backyards also won’t have much trouble as their dogs can burn off their energy doing laps around the yard. Other, however, are at a loss as to how to help their pitbull get the exercise he needs.

Pit bull weight pulling might be the answer.

Weight pulling is a sport that takes place on one of three surfaces: snow, dirt or rail.

Dogs attempt to pull a certain amount of weight within a specified period of time, usually 60 seconds.

The distance the dog must cover in that 60 seconds is 15-16 feet.

To get an idea of what happens at a pitbull weight pull, picture a dog sled with only one dog instead of a team. The “sled” is loaded down with the appropriate amount of weight and the pull begins.

There are other rules that vary depending on the organization that is sponsoring the event. For example, some organizations allow baiting. Baiting is where the owner or trainer stands near the finish line with the pitbull’s favorite toy or treat to entice him to finish the pull in a faster time.

The amount of weight involved in the competition is impressive. The most weight will be seen being pulled on a rail. Records are upwards of 8,000 pounds!

Competing dogs are divided into 8 weight classes. All dogs in each race class will pull the starting weight. Then, more weight is added incrementally. As dogs fail to pull the increased weight, they are eliminated from the competition, so the dog that pulls the most weight would be the winner.

If there were a tie, the dog that pulled the final load in the fastest time would be declared the winner.

Pit bull weight pulling is not for every dog – or for every owner. There is a good deal of money involved in purchasing equipment, training and traveling to events. Still, for some owner, it is the ideal way to allow their dogs to “show their stuff”.

Unlike other types of events that rely on looks or temperament, pitbull weight pulling relies on the dog’s strength and his willingness to please his owner or trainer. The fact that success in pitbull weight pulling require these two traits make some pitbulls the perfect match for this sport.

If you want to learn more about the sport, or try and determine if pitbull weight pulling is a good match for you and your dog, contact the International Weight Pulling Association. Their website is www.iwpa.net
There is contact information for the regional director in each area on the website.

Pit bull weight pulling can give you dog a focus, allow him to burn off energy and give him a special way to spend time with you. Learn more and then decide if this activity is right for you.

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