Pitbulls for Sale, what you should know

If you are looking for pitbulls for sale then please be careful.

A woman decided that she wanted a pitbull for her next pet. As she was driving home from work one day, she saw a pit bulls for sale sign nailed to a telephone poll that said “Blue Pits $800”. She hadn’t really thought about what kind of pit bull she wanted but when saw the sign, she began to like the idea of a blue pit.

The only thing she knew about blue pits was their coloring, which she liked. She figured they must be pretty special dogs if they cost $800.

She called the number and picked up her new best friend after shelling out the money. It wasn’t until a few weeks later, when doing some online research about her new dog, that she learned that she had been ripped off. A blue pit is not any more valuable than any other pitbull. It’s just a color.

While some people do prefer the color, others prefer brindle or another solid color.

To further complicate matters, many pits for sale ads that tout “blue pits” aren’t even selling pitbulls with the true blue coloring, yet they charge a premium price for their dogs.

Another characteristic that many breeders charge a premium for is “red nose”. The truth is that pitbulls with a pink nose are not at all rare. In show circles a red nose pit is disqualified for his coloring, so it’s a mystery as to why many people are willing to pay such a high price for a dog with a pink nose!

Unless you are planning on showing your dog, there is no reason to look for any particular coloring for any other reason than that it is your preference. If you want a certain color coat or a certain color nose, you will more than likely be able to find such a dog in a shelter or pitbull rescue group with no need to look to pitbulls for sale ads.

Even if you do end up purchasing a dog, don’t get fooled into paying a premium price for characteristics that are neither rare nor valuable.

The woman who answered the pit bulls for sale ad and paid such a high price for a “blue” pit loves her pet, but she said that she’ll never make the same mistake again. Instead, she said, she will thoroughly research both the breed and the breeder before ever buying another pet.

There are some characteristics within some breeds that do make them more valuable, especially if one plans to show or breed the dogs. Research the breed at the start of your search so that you will not be ripped off by disreputable breeders

After researching the breed, the search can begin. Many start with pitbulls for sale ads, but it’s a better idea to start at the local shelters or rescue groups. Even if you choose not to adopt, it is probable that they will be able to point you to a reputable breeder.

If you do choose to adopt rather than purchase a pitbull through a pitbulls for sale ad or any other means, you will not only save money. You will also save a life.

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