Red Nose Pit Bulls

When people hear the term red nose pit bulls for the first time they are always curious and/or intrigued by what it means.

People think that the color of the nose or coat has something to do with the personality.

So if a pitbull is red nose he behaves a certain way and if he is a blue nose it would be different.

Of course not!!

Red nose, blue nose, brindle, black are just colors that could be showing up on the main 3 types of pitbulls.

Now let´s look at some other myths that are associated with red nose pit bulls or pitbulls in general:

Pitbulls have locking jaws.

Who knows where this myth started, but that fact is that the jaw of a pitbull is the same as other dogs.

They do not feel pain.

They feel pain just as any other animal would but yes, they are more tolerant to it than other breeds.

All pitbulls are vicious killers.

If this were true, there would be a LOT of dead dog owners. The truth is that while some pitbulls have a tendency toward animal aggression, they do not have a high rate of human aggression.

Animal aggression is a sign of impending human aggression.

Many dogs display animal aggression. Whether it’s your lap dog laying a gift of a bird on the porch or a larger dog chasing a squirrel, animal aggression does not translate to human aggression.

The brain of a pitbull never stops growing.

Poor pitbulls have so many silly myths thrust upon them. This particular myth used to belong to Dobermans which were the dogs the media liked to portray as vicious killers in the 70’s before replacing them with Rottweilers in the 80’s and pitbulls in the 90’s. The myth is that the brain continues growing and eventually is squeezed by the skull causing the dog to go insane and turn on its owner. It’s not true. Their brain is no different than the brain of any other group of dogs.

There are many pitbull facts and myths to explore. The bottom line is that pitbulls are just like any other dogs, and they will behave in a manner consistent with how they are taught to behave.

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