Red Nose Pits

Each year thousands of people purchase red nose pits. This is not bad news as the dogs, if they are properly trained and treated right by their owners, make wonderful family pets.

What is bad news is that many people pay a premium for the dogs thinking that red nose pitbulls are somehow more valuable or less common than other pit bulls.

This is not true.

Unfortunately, as in every industry, there are people who breed dogs who love to find ways to take advantage of their customers.

One way that some bad breeders have found to do this is to perpetuate the myth that rednose pits have more value than other pits.

No one knows for sure where they originated, but one theory is that it started with a line of pit bulls from Ireland called Old Family Red Nose.

This particular line of pit bulls was distinguished by their red noses, golden eyes and red coat. The theory is that folks nicknamed these dogs “red noses” and the rest, as they say, is history.

So are all pits that have a red nose descended from this line? No, they are not. One of the many traits of the Old Family Red Nose is that the dogs had red noses. That’s a trait that some owners prefer, but it does not make the dog more valuable than a pit bull with a black or blue nose.

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The reason that breeders can keep charging a higher price for red nose pitbulls is that there are people who are willing to pay it. As long as there are people who buy into the myth that a certain coloring makes a pitbull more valuable, these disreputable breeders will continue to rip people off.

Of course, there is an easy way to avoid being ripped off by such breeders: Adoption!!

There are thousands of them in shelters all over the country. Many will be put down because there simply aren’t enough homes for them all. While some worry about adopting an adult pit bull as they would not know the history of the dog, those fears can be allayed, at least in part, by the fact that most shelters put their dogs (especially pit bulls) through stringent temperament tests before allowing them to placed up for adoption.

Adoption is an option that allows those who prefer red nose pits to find one without having to pay a higher price or haggle with breeders who try to charge a premium. Even if you are certain that you want a puppy, rather than a full-grown pitbull, you still have a good chance of finding one through a shelter or rescue agency.

You can start your search at the local SPCA or humane society. If you have no luck, you can try online sites such as Petfinder.

Whether you buy or rescue your rednose pit, he is sure to become a valuable member of your family, even if he isn’t “more valuable” than pit bulls with different coloring.

Red Nose Pits

Rednose pit taking a nap

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