Red Pitbulls, better temperament than other pits?

Red pitbulls are known for their wonderful coloring.
They are truly beautiful animals, and their eyes, often a fawn color, are set off by the lovely color of their coat.

While some breeders specialize in red pitbulls, they are also often available at local shelters as the coloring is fairly common.

While some would say the red pits have a better temperament than some other pit bulls, many experts would disagree.

Pit bulls come in such a variety of colors that it is difficult to attribute certain traits – be they good or bad – to dogs of a certain coloring.

There are red pitbulls that make fabulous family pets.

On the other hand, if one looks hard enough there will probably be a news story about a red pit that bit someone.

Some red pitbulls have large heads and a stocky body. Others are more petite. The same is true for pits of any color. That is because color cannot be used to try and determine the temperament or other traits of a dog.

If you are certain that you want a red pitbull, it will not be hard to find one for sale. Still, it’s a good idea to start your search at the local dog shelter or through a pit bull rescue organization in your area.

If you cannot find one to adopt, you will have to purchase your new pet. Be sure not to be fooled by breeders who want you to pay more because the dog is a red pit bull. These dogs, while beautiful, are not necessarily worth more money just because of their coloring.

There are many breeders who, unfortunately, will lie to get buyers to pay a higher price. There are resources available on the web that can help guide you to reputable breeders in your area.

It’s a good idea not to buy a red pit over the internet without having seen the dog in person. It’s difficult to see the true coloring in a photograph and if your heart is set on a red pit bull you should visit in person to be sure that you like his coloring. Also, by visiting the breeder you can be certain that you are dealing with someone who has the best interest of the dogs at heart.

Once you get your red pit bull home, it’s important to start proper training right away. If handled correctly, red pitbulls will make a loving family pet, but these are powerful dogs.

It's important to establish your position as the alpha male (even if you're a female) early on to help avoid problems in the future.

Red pit bulls are very social animals and they long for social interaction . While it’s good for them to have another dog in the house, be sure to monitor this type of interaction very closely. The best thing to do is bring two puppies home at the same time. This way they will grow up together. If you introduce a dog into the home later, there is the potential for problems.

That’s why you must closely observe the interactions between the animals and be sure to never ignore signs of aggression between the dogs.

It’s also vitally important for the welfare of your red pit bull that he gets plenty of attention from the humans in the house. Pit bulls love to please their masters and they thrive on having positive attention and lots of playtime lavished upon them.

Whether you adopt or purchase your red nose pitbull, be sure to remember what a powerful animal your pet is, and raise her in such a way that you won’t have problems to deal with in the future.

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