How to Train a Pitbull to Rollover

How do you train a pitbull to rollover?

Good question, the answer is "just like any other breed"...

Ok, here's how:

Ask your pitbull do go down and praise when he does so. If you dont´know how to teach your pit do go down I recommend checking out this course.

First take a treat and let your pit smell it

Then move your hand from his nose to behind his head

Because of the motion of your hand your pit will naturally roll over to follow the treat.

As he rolls onto his side say "good rollover" in a high pitch exciting voice tone.

When the rollover is complete say again "good rollover" and give him the treat.

Repeat until you can take the treat out of the equation.

Then as you imagine how your friends will be impressed by your newly aquired skill, put a big smile on your face!!!

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