Training Pit bulls: The lure and reward method

When training pit bulls with positive reinforcement we have seen that one of the most popular methods is called clicker training.

In addition to the clicker there is another method called "lure and reward".

In this method instead of waiting for your pitbull to voluntarily offer the behavior and then click and reward you "lure" your pit into doing the behavior.

To explain how this method works let´s see the application when teaching the "sit" and "down" commands.

Teaching the "sit" command:

Stand in front of your pitbull with a treat in your hand. Move the treat over your dog´s head parallel to his body.

This motion will naturally cause your pit to sit because its head is following the treat.

As soon as the rear end of your pit touches the ground you give the treat and say "good sit" in an upbeat and exciting tone of voice.

Teaching the "down" command.

Ask your pitbull to sit and reward when he does so.

Next ask your pit to go "down" while lowering the treat to the ground in front of your pits paws.

Once he performs the desired behavior say "good down" (again in an upbeat and exciting tone of voice) and pet him.

This method of lure and reward works extremely well during the initial stages of training and therefore is used a lot with pitbull puppies.

You just have to be careful that after a while your pitbull should do the desired behavior without the treat otherwise he becomes too "treat dependant".

Clicker training and lure and reward training can be used together for maximum results.

Remember that consistency and practice will make the techniques work much better.

Check out this picture of a brown pitbull in the "down" position.

brown pitbull

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